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One of Mumbai’s leading designers, Jami Jambusarwala & Associates are known for understated luxury and beautiful finishes in their design and homes. Having designed villas, apartments, duplexes and remodeled flats to create more efficient use of space, the team at Jami Jambusarwala is prepared to handle any design problem that may come their way. At JJA, an excellent home interior as believed by the team is the result of daring creativity, long-term sustainability and precise execution all underscored by the client’s unique proposition.

Homes in specific need a practical and personal touch, along with a touch of luxurious flourishes. The design tank at Jami Jambusarwala & Associates provide these with the use of both luxe materials like marble, wood, glass and veneer. Using warm lights to create the effect of luxury -- be it in a stair case or with bespoke chandeliers or even utilizing existing homes to remodel and create more space, JJA does it all. The team also harnesses natural advantages of a site as much as they can – be it with existing daylight or vantage views, or simply just bringing in landscaping as natural dividers.

The advantage that the JJA team brings are many – a passion for design! For example, Suzan Banajee’s belief is that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts; each interior is a sanctuary where bold angles and elegant curves can peacefully coexist. Or Karaan Jambusarwala whose ability to provide vision and direction to a project from its conceptualization through to its completion coupled with his insistence on high quality standards makes him unique.

While this interior design name has their office based in South Mumbai, JJA has spread its wings across many parts in India with their homes across the country and the world providing their design services to complement the client’s personality, no matter where they may live.

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