Interior Design of a Diamond Trading Office

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The Capital Building, Bandra Kurla Complex

Design Brief

Create a luxurious yet functional diamond trading office in Mumbai, spread over 15000 sq feet

Interior Design of a Diamond Trading Office

The Reception area of this 15000 Sq.Ft diamond trading office has been designed to exude luxury while showcasing modern, cutting-edge design techniques using a combination of materials such as glass , marble , and veneers.

A large automated sliding door separates the reception from the arterial passage leading to all the cabins of the office. The Diamond inspired ceiling design concept is carried through the reception and common passages.

JJ&A has planed and designed this arterial passage to cater to all the cabins and areas of this sprawling office, allowing easy access to them.

The passage area is designed with intermittent pieces of art exhibited on both sides backed by a marble niche in order to give the visitor a point of interest whilst navigating through the entire passage.

Customized artifacts have been displayed within a niche around the bends of the passage.

The Diamond inspired ceiling design concept is carried through the common passage from the entrance lobby and reception.

The passage area has been designed to reflect a luxurious yet modern concept, using textured glass panels along with wooden effect laminate broken with two horizontal strips of metallic textured tiles as partitions.

The entire passage partitions have been lit from below to give a floating effect.

The Diamond inspired ceiling design concept has been carefully designed to accommodate all the services required within the space without compromising on the design aspect.

Located in the middle of the office, the Director’s cabin has been strategically placed to allow for easy access to connected rooms such as the board room as well as the administrative cabins and the manager cabins.

The entire room has been designed keeping in mind the modern concept of the office with its sharp lines and minimalistic layout.

The layered ceiling forms the highlight of the director’s cabin, with the concept following through to the apron of the main table.

The director’s table has been designed in marble, leather and veneer with sharp edges and a staggered apron with indirectly lit levels.

Great care was taken to ensure precise execution of design to seamlessly blend one material into the other keeping the table design concept modern, simple and light.

The centrally located meeting room has been designed showcasing the column present in the centre of the room instead of hiding it.

Cappuccino coloured marble table tops, the backlit grill inlayed into the column and the laminated veneered ceiling cove all glamorize the area.

The 12 seater Boardroom located next to the director’s cabin overlooking a breathtaking view of the business hub of Bandra-Kurla Complex, has been designed using a warm toned colour palette and softer materials to give warmth and subtlety to the room whilst allowing for maximum use of natural light to make the area look airy and bright.

Custom made copper coloured tubes hang from the ceiling intermittently forming task lights to the boardroom table below.

The rib-cage styled table base supports a dual toned marble top which holds state of the art, hidden conferencing equipments within.

The director’s lunch room uses earthy tones and light materials giving it a minimalistic yet warm décor.

An attached lounge area with its custom designed reclining chair allows for quick relaxation and unwinding.

The staff workstation area form an integral part of the office.

The area has been designed keeping a clean and light design concept in order to make the working environment more conducive to working.

Large vertical panels join the ceiling to form a visual barrier allowing for partial privacy from the movement passage.

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