Standing tall above the city of Bilimora in Gujarat is this 8-storied contemporary structure designed by JJ&A as a private residence. Designed to accommodate luxurious living spaces, the building has been divided into two parts of 3 stories each, with a large cantilevered deck protruding out in a step formation. Each block showcases large double height living rooms , separate dining rooms and 8 individual bedrooms along with a separate kitchen and utility area. Sustainability and green building play extremely important roles in the development of this structure. A water harvesting system has been created to collect rain water at each individual level and store it in a large underground tank. Planters at the edge of each balcony help drape the façade in greenery. Wooden slats on the sides of the building run from the ground level right up to the terrace at the top to conceal all the service within. The large glass façade at the front and rear of the building allows for optimum use of the natural light available. The building is finished in a sandstone effect with a combination of dark wooden inserts to make it appear more like a private villa rather than a residential building.

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