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No space - interior or exterior - no matter how stunning, will do justice to the client if it does not truly represent what they are all about. That's why our design process begins with and continues to nurture multiple interactions with our clients. Perhaps that is why JJ&A's clients are now third generation! Our design acumen lies in our ability to be able to understand the client’s vision and translate it into a reality that they can revel in for years to come.
At JJ&A, our designs, whether architectural or interior, have a flirtatious relationship with both form and function. Once we understand your vision, we translate this into proposed concepts that we discuss and debate for as long as it takes until you are confident you have the design of your dreams in store. We firmly believe that this creation stage bears the most fruit from a symbiotic relationship between JJ&A and you, the client.
In what has come to be one of our firms USPs, our life-like 3D renders are designed in-house and help our clients actually see what their new interior or home would look like before the first brick is even laid. Our team carefully details every aspect of the design from the wallpaper and cabinetry to the decor and objet d'art, leaving nothing to the imagination - or chance. Our clients love this particular step in the process as it paves the way for swift and efficinet execution.
This is the exciting stage - the part where it all begins to come together. Where practical details meet pretty fripperies to make a space functional, liveable, but always elegant and intensely personal. Attention to detail, especially at the very last finishing stages, is key to the final product and a task we take very seriously. It isn't uncommon to find a JJ&A team member scoping the space with a fine toothed comp and magnifying glass prior to hand-over day!
Client relationships matter! A strong after-design service support forms a big part of our success story. That's why at JJ&A, our service support team ensures that your needs are catered to well after you have occupied your homes, hotels or offices. On a personal note, we take pride in the fact that our clients consider the JJ&A team as their friends long before the site is even complete.
At JJ&A , sustainability in design plays a strategic role in our development. Reducing environmental impact , minimizing energy consumption and dependability on natural resources without having to compromise on comfort and quality is one of the most integral aspects of Architectural & Interior Design that we are able to provide you with. We are able to design our residential and commercial spaces to the most stringent LEED standards of today. As strong believers in sustainability and carbon-neutralization, we’re constantly looking for ways to offset our carbon emissions and invest in renewable energy technologies.

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Our Team

Jami Jambusarwala: Founder of JJA

Jami Jambusarwala

Founding Partner/ Principal Architect and Designer

With over 40 years of experience in the design field, Jami is the raison d’être of JJ & A. His stamp of approval on design is coveted by the who’s-who in India and abroad. An architect first, Jami’s style is guided by the need to underscore beauty and opulence with understated style and practicality. Not one to give in to passing trends, Jami’s style is an extension of himself – classic yet contemporary, moving with the times, not because of it. The sheer passion with which he approaches each new project has carried the company through over four decades.

Suzan Banajee: Interior Designer at JJA

Suzan F. Banajee

Partner and Head Designer

Suzan has an innate design ability to make colours and textures come alive to create an interior like no other. In the business of Interior Design for over a decade, she has worked on numerous projects from commercial office spaces to luxury homes for India’s business and entertainment elite. Suzan’s design philosophy is rooted in creating a pleasing aesthetic while remaining loyal to functionality and practicality. Her passion for the art of design remains her greatest motivating force.

Karaan Jambusarwala: Architect at JJA

Karaan J. Jambusarwala

Partner and Head Designer

Karaan’s designs are a reflection of himself – vibrant, contemporary and bold. He draws inspiration from his travels in India and across the world when undertaking any design project – be it a commercial office space or a high-rise apartment building. He also has a keen interest in Architecture which adds a new range to the JJA repertoire. For Karaan, the ultimate challenge is to create a design that is not only cutting-edge and aesthetically pleasing but one that compliments and represents the client in every way.

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