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Mumbai's Leading Interior Design Firm

One of Mumbai's leading interior designers and architects, Jami Jambusarwala & Associates (JJA) was established in 1972. Eponymously named after its founder, it started at a time when the concept of interior design was first making its way into Indian homes. An architect first, Jami’s guiding principal has always been a seamless integration of form and function. It is precisely with this design vision that he has moulded his company, now forging on in its fourth decade.

JJA has a vast repertoire of clients in Mumbai and different parts of India and operates primarily in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design. From luxurious homes, villas, offices and private residences to showrooms, commercial spaces and even holiday resorts, JJA has successfully made its mark in all design spheres. With a talented team of architects and designers, JJA has successfully conceptualized and completed the interior designs of numerous residential and commercial projects, architectural projects and more recently, have introduced Architectural Design to their list of services as well.

Although the expertise carefully culled over the past forty years serves as the guiding force behind their superlative exterior and interior design work, the infusion of young blood through Suzan Banajee and Karaan Jambusarwala has ensured that the promise of quality, style and functionality that JJA stands for will continue undeterred. The siblings bring with them a modern approach in keeping with the times ready to uphold the reputation for masterful planning and utilization of space coupled with an eye for elegance and detail that JJA is known for. So they can also ensure that no two JJA interior or architecture are ever are ever the same.


Our Team

Jami Jambusarwala: Founder of JJA

Jami Jambusarwala

Founding Partner/ Principal Architect and Designer

With over 40 years of experience in the design field, Jami is the raison d’être of JJ & A. His stamp of approval on design is coveted by the who’s-who in India and abroad. An architect first, Jami’s style is guided by the need to underscore beauty and opulence with understated style and practicality. Not one to give in to passing trends, Jami’s style is an extension of himself – classic yet contemporary, moving with the times, not because of it. The sheer passion with which he approaches each new project has carried the company through over four decades.

Suzan Banajee: Interior Designer at JJA

Suzan F. Banajee

Partner and Head Designer

Suzan has an innate design ability to make colours and textures come alive to create an interior like no other. In the business of Interior Design for over a decade, she has worked on numerous projects from commercial office spaces to luxury homes for India’s business and entertainment elite. Suzan’s design philosophy is rooted in creating a pleasing aesthetic while remaining loyal to functionality and practicality. Her passion for the art of design remains her greatest motivating force.

Karaan Jambusarwala: Architect at JJA

Karaan J. Jambusarwala

Partner and Head Designer

Karaan’s designs are a reflection of himself – vibrant, contemporary and bold. He draws inspiration from his travels in India and across the world when undertaking any design project – be it a commercial office space or a high-rise apartment building. He also has a keen interest in Architecture which adds a new range to the JJA repertoire. For Karaan, the ultimate challenge is to create a design that is not only cutting-edge and aesthetically pleasing but one that compliments and represents the client in every way.

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